AdvisorCheck+ Explained

AdvisorCheck+ takes you on a deeper dive into the background of your current or future advisor, so you get all the pertinent information that will give you peace of mind when entrusting your invaluable assets to your financial advisor.

Due to the detailed nature of the information we require a free membership to access AC+ reports. Please sign-up to start your AC+ journey.

AdvisorCheck Plus

Spot red flags that you
might not normally find

Do you know who your advisor really is?
You can see their public profile and get in depth details
when it comes to their professional experience, but what do things look like behind the scenes?


An In-depth Background Check on Your Current or Next Financial Advisor

When it comes to your money, you want to make sure your financial advisor is as trustworthy as possible. That is what brings you peace of mind. A paid background check with AdvisorCheck+ shows you a level of depth you can't find anywhere else. Watch this video to see the stark difference between Bernie Madoff's disclosures and his AdvisorCheck+ Report.


AdvisorCheck+ will give you in depth information about the following, if any of these were committed. Otherwise a clean record of health will appear.

Sex offender records
Whether or not they have multiple social security numbers
Whether or not they are recorded as deceased
Criminal records
Global sanctions
OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) listings
Whether or not they have a prison address on file

Peace of Mind

When you work with an advisor and decide to open up a retirement account or hand over the huge nest egg of money you have acquired over the years, you want to make sure you make every effort possible that your money goes into the right hands.

Deeper Insights

Deeper Insights

You will see detailed information through a thorough report about your advisor, unless the AdvisorCheck+ report comes out clean.
Continually Updated

Continually Updated

A new report will be generated for you every three months, informing you of any changes in your advisor’s history.

How to order an AdvisorCheck+ Report

Click "View Report" on the financial advisor you want to pull additional information from.

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