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Nearly 100,000 registered financial advisors have customer disputes, bankruptcies, criminal activity, and more on their records. In 2023, about 60 red flags were recorded daily. That's why it's crucial to check if your advisor has any red flags and decide whether you're comfortable with them.



LICENSED AS AN INDEPENDENT INSURANCE AGENT TO SELL FIXED INSURANCE PRODUCTS * APPROVED TO OFFER LIFE SETTLEMENTS ON FIXED INSURANCE PRODUCTS * DAVID WHITE & ASSOCIATES; SAME AS BRANCH; INV REL; INSURANCE SALES-ANNUITIES, LIFE INSURANCE, DI, LTC, HEALTH INSURANCE PLANS; AGENT; START DATE=05/1990; HRS/MO=100; TRADING HRS/MO=60; ADVISOR TO CLIENTS-PROVIDE ADVICE AND PRODUCTS * Barto/Lucas Insurance & Financial Services; same as branch; inv rel; within our normal business practice with David White & Associates and specifically with our work with the California Judges Association, the judges are familiar with Howard Barto's name more than David White & Associate-I am Howard Barto's junior partner working with these judges; Partner; start date=09/2020; hrs/mo=40; trading hrs/mo=40; insurance sales *Guardian Comprehensive Support; same as branch; non-inv rel; comprehensive support program designed to provide an individual and family with the dedicated resources, technology and genetic testing needed to effectively navigate while improving chances of survival, provides individuals affordable access to personalized guidance, on-site nurse advocates, a second opinion pathology review, a digital medical records platform and advanced genomic testing; Agent; start date=09/2020; hrs/mo=2; trading hrs/mo=1; soliciting individuals to consider the program to supplement their medical insurance services to create awareness of genetic cancer probabilities, and if diagnosed, to provide access to confirmation of it and specific treatment options * BartoLucas LLC, 1115 Oakwood Cir, Clayton, CA 94517; inv-rel; LLC for group insurance business; Owner/Managing Member; start date=07/2021; hrs/mo=25; trading hrs/mo=23; LLC is the broker for a few group insurance programs


Some financial advisors may work at more than one firm. Click view work history below to review their data.


At AdvisorCheck, we want to ensure that the financial advisor you work with, or plan to work with, provides you with peace of mind that your money is safe. That’s why we offer background checks that cover 9 key categories.


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