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Nearly 100,000 registered financial advisors have customer disputes, bankruptcies, criminal activity, and more on their records. In 2023, about 60 red flags were recorded daily. That's why it's crucial to check if your advisor has any red flags and decide whether you're comfortable with them.



1. BLUE MARBLE INVESTMENTS, 1085 Higuera Street, Suite 120, SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA 93401. RIA, INVESTMENT RELATED, 2007-PRESENT, 80 HRS/MONTH DURING TRADING. PRIMARILY SERVICING EXISTING CLIENTS AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT. 2. In addition to the investment advisory services he provides through Blue Marble, Arturo Tabuenca, Blue Marble's Portfolio Manager, is also a licensed insurance agent and a registered securities representative of Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments ("PKS"), a non-affiliated registered broker-dealer and a member of the Financial Industry Regulation Authority ("FINRA"). Mr. Tabuenca's activities with PKS represent less than 5% of his time and are generally only conducted upon client request or for products outside the scope of Blue Marble's socially responsible objective. A conflict of interest exists to the extent that Mr. Tabuenca receives commissions and/or trailing service fees related to the sale of commissionable products, as this practice gives him an incentive to recommend products based on the compensation received, rather than on the client's needs. Therefore, clients are advised that the client is under no obligation to act on these recommendations or purchase commissionable products through Mr. Tabuenca as a registered representative. In all cases, insurance commissions will be fully disclosed to the client. Commissions from these products are separate from any fees that Blue Marble receives for advisory services. Clients have the right to utilize or decline to utilize the services of any representative of Blue Marble in their outside capacity and have the right to purchase services or products recommended by Blue Marble through another provider.


Some financial advisors may work at more than one firm. Click view work history below to review their data.


At AdvisorCheck, we want to ensure that the financial advisor you work with, or plan to work with, provides you with peace of mind that your money is safe. That’s why we offer background checks that cover 9 key categories.


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Experience: 33 years / 9 firms

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