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Nearly 100,000 registered financial advisors have customer disputes, bankruptcies, criminal activity, and more on their records. In 2023, about 60 red flags were recorded daily. That's why it's crucial to check if your advisor has any red flags and decide whether you're comfortable with them.



EVEREST FINANCIAL GROUP, LLC -IAR -DBA -IAR INVEST RELATED Yes #HRS null SEC TRADE HRS null -12/1/14 -5814 S Clonmellon Ave, Tucson AZ 85747 -I am Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) with Everest Financial Group, LLC as the Registered Investment Adviser(RIA) Firm. I provide managed money services for a fee for my clients using Schwab Institutional as our platform. I invest my clients' money into Institutional mutual funds and ETF's predominantly. INSURANCE -insurance agent INVEST RELATED No #HRS 1 SEC TRADE HRS 1 -2/1/12 -5814 S Clonmellon Ave, Tucson AZ 85747 -When a client needs coverage for a risk need, i.e. premature death to cover income needs for his/her family, or LTC needs, then I will present the necessary insurance to provide coverage for that risk. TRUST/EXECUTOR SERVICES -Nothing at the moment, until my parents die. NATURE: I am now the successor Co-Trustee along with my stepsister and our parents for their Family Trust. This change from successor Trustee to successor Co-Trustee was made as a First Amendment to the Fourth Restatement of The Ronald C. and Jacqueline B. Almgren Family Trust because Bank of America, my parents' bank for paying their bills, would not allow my stepsister or myself to be added as a signer to their bank account in the event they became incompetent prior to death. Bank of America would not acknowledge the POA's my parents' lawyer had drawn up for the purpose of helping with their banking in the event of them needing help, so their lawyer drew up this First Amendment in order to satisfy Bank of America which allows myself and my stepsister to be able to help our parents in the event they need help paying their bills. INVEST RELATED Yes #HRS 0 SEC TRADE HRS 0 -11/1/09 -5814 S Clonmellon Ave, Tucson AZ 85747 -As successor Co-Trustee along with my stepsister and both of my parents, I will have the ability to only act along with one, or both of my parents, and always jointly with my stepsister, effective immediately any Co-Trustee duties necessary. This change from Successor Trustee to Successor Co-Trustee was made in order to allow my stepsister and me to be added as signers to our parents' checking account in order to pay their bills while they are still living, if they need the help. Their bank, Bank of America, would not accept the POA's drawn up for that reason, so my parents' lawyer has added this First Amendment to their Trust in order for my stepsister and me to be able to act jointly, and only jointly, in order to help our parents prior to their death if that is needed. MEDICARE HEALTH BENEFITS -Insurance agent -Medicare Supplemental Insurance and Medicare Parts C & D INVEST RELATED No #HRS 2 SEC TRADE HRS 0 -10/1/12 -4550 E Bell Rd Ste 136, Phoenix AZ 85032 -When a client or referral needs Medicare Insurance, I provide them this benefit if possible. Any policies that I write flow through Western Asset Protection, the General Agency that my Medicare Insurance contracts clear through, and they provide me any 1099 income from the Medicare Insurance companies that I write. This OBA is a great opportunity to let people know that I am also a financial advisor and can help them with any other insurance or investment needs if they would like my help. A separate appointment will then be made for any further discussion about any additional financial help other than Medicare Insurance. No financial or insurance products will be mentioned to this client during a Medicare insurance appointment, only to let them know that I am available for other insurance or financial needs if they have any.


Some financial advisors may work at more than one firm. Click view work history below to review their data.


At AdvisorCheck, we want to ensure that the financial advisor you work with, or plan to work with, provides you with peace of mind that your money is safe. That’s why we offer background checks that cover 9 key categories.


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